The exhibition of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology Beyond Expo 2023 was held for the third consecutive time in Thessaloniki, from Wednesday 24 to Friday 26 May, surrounded by important parallel events as well as events of international scope. The LoockMe project and the capabilities of the platform were presented to visitors and exhibitors with similar fields of activity from White Fox. The partners and the scientific manager of the project, Anastasia Manou were at the stand and available to the visitors for a one to one thorough presentation.

The reception of the project by the visitors was very positive. Many asked for a detailed description of how the platform works, and the project received quite a few positive comments. The specialized services it offers as a platform technologically capable of supporting semantic content, organized with international standards that ensure interoperability with other international repositories and advanced personalized navigation and search techniques, but also the fact that it is an innovative Greek initiative that outlines in detail the audiovisual possibilities’ production in Greece on a technical and economic level caused a positive sensation.Based on the interaction with visitors and the interest of professionals in the field, it is judged as a successful extroverted dissemination and publicity activity.